St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


We pray for our Family of Faithremembering those celebrating birthdays this week: Stephanie Reynolds, James Varley, Stephanie Fox, Matthew Linton, Jamison McGuire, Christy Quinlan, Adam Tucker, Lynn Malto, Edna Neitzel, Brianna Richter, & Julie Zimmer. May the Lord bless your day!

2.  We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Pat Rush (following heart catheterization on Thursday at St. Luke's North)

+ Janet Jackson-Knight (injections in eye to clear-up bleeding will begin this Wednesday)

+ Nancy Fruechtenicht (at the recent confirmation of the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease)

+ Jane Seuser (at the return of the pain and associated symptoms of facial neuralgia)

+ George Mistler (John Denney's uncle, now under Hospice Care at Twin Oaks)

+ Marilyn Miller (friend of the Genters, now ½-way thru chemo in a 2nd battle with cancer)

+ John Baker (Jane Seuser's brother, in ICU in Austin with pneumonia and related heart problems)

+ Dave Collins (surgical procedures pending at the diagnosis of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, Type 1)

+ Mary Rogers (who awaits results of a recent routine heart echo-cardiogram)

+ Florene Schleuter (convalescing at home after recent discharge from Mid-America Rehab Hospital)

+ Jim Sloan (father-in-law of co-worker of Diane Curry, preparing for home care after broken neck)

+ Adam Miller (husband of Katelyn, a friend of Joey Denney, following surgery to treat brain tumors)

+ Hope Goodwin (convalescing at home after recent hip-replacement surgery; now in physical rehab)

+ Beth Diaz (recovering from 2 fractured vertebrae – will take up to another month to heal)

+ Annaliese Moreland (friend of Lisa Chiles, in declining health, facing end of life issues at Twin Oaks)

+ Mary Ann Webber (now on 3x/weekly dialysis treatments following hospitalization for kidney failure)

+ Cody Bader (friend of Del Housworth, walks with assistance after treatment of spinal cord injury)

+ Bridgette Suttles (and husband, Ron – friends of the Genters, on disability for auto-immune disease)

     + and those who battle cancer: Barbara Aldridge; Donna Keene Arnn; Jeff Borrink; Bob Broge; Jean Carson; Paula Darling; George Estabrook; Georgeann Geis; Beth Genter; Steven Grace; Norma Griffith; John Gurss; Richard Hambleton; Donna Humble; Pam Hund; Larry Johnson; Nancy Keel; Sam Kell; Walt Kloster; Agnes Rink Killen; Linda Koenig; Lydia Landfair; Debbie Lober; Rachel Magadan; Willi Mansil; Judy Matthijetz; Tom McBath; Karen McNeese; Theresa Miller; Sandy & Wayne Nighbert; Sue Pitts; Paul Printiss; Star Roberts; Bernie Roller; Kent Seeler; Gay Lea Shaw; Jerry Thompson; Linda Vernon; Doris Woodward; Carolyn Wrigley; Dave Zakutny; a School Family member

3.  We seek the Lord's blessing for: … those traveling home today:  Joey & Janice Denney, Pastor Ed & Becca – from Omaha and the 2nd of 5 "immersion events" of PLI's D2MC experience;  Larry & Velma Bass, Connie Denney, Lynn & Helen Genter, Chyza Nelson & Judy Ronk – from the Kansas District LWML Convention in Hutchison; … Char Underwood (Becca Mease's mother), safely home from a tour to Italy;  … Principal-Elect Stacy & Nellie Sato, who have begun their mental and emotional transition to Leavenworth – in preparation for their physical transition in mid-June; …the continued violent behavior seen in our nation: even in the divisiveness in the discussion of how to deal with it.  The Lord is with you!

4.  We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospel – especially: … our "Mission of the Month" for April, the support of the Burle Post Retreat Center in the Alaskan bush, preparing for ministry in the years ahead – your gifts now total $645.  Let's "cultivate awesome relationships for eternity!"

5.  We pray for our Nation: seeking the Lord's blessing over those in our Armed Forces – especially those deployed or at distant posts, and their families: Bill Bailey (Middle East); John Crowley (Afghanistan); Ryan Griffith (Kosovo); Zachary Kincaid & Hilary Klotz (Kuwait). God Bless America!